The Sandwich Mission

On the fourth Monday of each month Cottonwood delivers and serves sandwiches to needy people.  In order to have the sandwiches to deliver, members of the congregation spend time on Sunday during the Children’s Worship time at 11:30 service making the sandwiches in our kitchen under the leadership of the Parks family.


Many of our members have participated in this, what we call “The Soup Kitchen” over these many years.  The children and the Parks family make the sandwiches at church on Sunday along with adults that wish to participate (the day before we serve on the fourth Monday).  A group gathers before, during or after morning worship and it usually takes 30-45 minutes.  Another group of 6-8 people meet downtown on Monday, about 4:45 pm at the Soup Kitchen.  It is located across from the Gateway at 427 West and 200 South.  Cars are parked in a well-lighted, fenced area adjacent to the dining hall which is reasonably secure.  We bring the sandwiches along with some fruit and occasionally other treats.  Another crew of people is there with everything else we need to serve dinner for 400+ people.  After a blessing, the women, children and men file in from the street, passing along in front of our servers to fill up their trays.  Second helpings are allowed but they must go to the back of the line.  There are no costs or qualifications required, so no questions are asked.  It is noisy but clean and orderly, and the food is greatly appreciated.  We are usually done in an hour and on our way home.
If you haven’t had the experience of feeding the poor as Christ taught us, this may be your opportunity!  Jack Van Klaveren or Roy Kristensen coordinates all of this for us.  Please talk to them at church or call them if you would like to help serve on the fourth Monday of the month.
In Our Community
Family Promise
The Outreach Committee has decided to support the Family Promise effort twice this year.  This will involve many volunteers from the congregation.  Pat and Roy Christensen are the people heading up this new outreach opportunity. 
Family Promise is an interfaith alliance whose mission is to help homeless families achieve lasting self-sufficiency by providing safe and hospitable shelter with the help of local congregations, and offering intensive case management support both during and following an episode of homelessness. Cottonwood Presbyterian Church (CPC) has partnered with Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church (OSLC) in Millcreek to assist them in hosting families three times at their church in 2013.

Our first turn during the week of April 28 – May 5 was an opportunity for CPC to get acquainted and see what our duties will be as a supporting congregation. Ten of our members participated by visiting the first couple of days. On Sunday afternoon April 28, four homeless families moved in to their church classrooms for the week. They came with all of their belongings in plastic trash bags and got settled in their assigned rooms. There was some play time for the kids on the church property before their first dinner there on Sunday evening. After dinner, they helped clean up, took turns in the shower and did some socializing with a few church volunteers. On Monday, they were up at 6:00 am to make their own breakfast and bag lunch before leaving at 7:30, after which the church was closed. The pre-school kids went to the Family Promise Day Care Center in Salt Lake, the older kids went to their respective public schools, and the adults went to their jobs or one of the support groups they are required to attend. On Monday evening, they all returned to the church at 5:00 to start the cycle over again. On Sunday, May 5, they packed up their belongings and moved on to the next church on their schedule.

The next week on the schedule at OSLC is July 7-14 and we are tentatively planning to cover two days of their schedule, from Monday evening to Wednesday morning. So we will need CPC volunteers to prepare and serve dinner on Monday and Tuesday evenings, socialize with them in the evenings, sleep over at the church both nights (preferably 2 people), get everyone up and going at 6:00 am and out by 7:30. The next week on their schedule is October 27 – November 3. We have funds available to reimburse those who provide the evening meals, if needed.

The CPC members who visited in April are all eager to help when it is our turn in July or October. Anyone else who may be interested in helping may contact Roy or Pat Kristensen at 801-571-6530.

If you have items to donate to the various mission projects please read on:
FOOD ITEMS – Rear of building near entrance to the gym
Two grocery carts placed near the gym are for food items.  Food for Crossroads Food Pantry is collected and delivered to Crossroads weekly or so by members of the Outreach committee. 
CLOTHING AND HOME ITEMS – Rear of building near entrance to the gym
The big box is for items requested and needed by Crossroads Thrift Store.  Dave Andrews faithfully empties the box periodically to take to the Thrift Store located at 1385 Indiana Avenue near 8th South.  People in need get vouchers from the various organizations or by using cash occasionally.  In the past year needs have tripled. 
USED BOOK DRIVE – Used books are collected and sold at an annual church event, with proceeds donated to Crossroads. 
Coalition of Religious Communities – CORC

The Coalition of Religious Communities is a statewide coalition consisting of persons of faith who want to positively impact the state’s policies that affect low-income Utahns.  There are currently members from 18 faiths and dozens of congregations throughout the state.  CORC is a vehicle by which these faith communities are contributing to positive social change.