Monthy Fellowship Opportunities

Sunday Fellowship - Every Sunday after worship, enjoy a few moments connecting with others. This is a great place to meet someone knew, or get to know someone you have not known well. Take a risk, step out of your comfort zone and say “hello” to someone different this Sunday.


SAF will meet Friday September 25, 2015 at 12:00 noon, for a potluck lunch and guest speakers program in Fellowship Hall.

Our guest speaker for September is Daniel B. Kuhn, Railroader, Historian, and Photographer.  Daniel has more than 600,000 miles of train travel in the United States and Canada and taken more than 60,000 color slides. For more information about Daniel, see his attached Bios.

His program “Daniel’s Scenic Triangle” encompasses the three most scenic train trips on Amtrak in the United States This itinerary takes the audience from Salt Lake City west on the California Zephyr to the San Francisco Bay Area via Donner Pass in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Next we travel north from the Bay Area to Portland and Seattle aboard the Coast Starlight passing by Mt Shasta and traveling through the Cascade Range in southern and central Oregon. From the Pacific Northwest we head east on the Empire Builder through the Cascade Range in Washington, as well as along the southern boundary of Glacier National Park the following morning, and along the Mississippi River south of the Twin Cities the second morning en route to Chicago.  From Chicago the trip concludes by taking the California Zephyr, westbound from Chicago across the Great Plains and then over the Colorado Rocky Mountains and along the Colorado River en route home to Utah.

Your friends and neighbors are all invited so that they too can join the fellowship, potluck lunch, and enjoy Daniel Kuhn’s program.  Let Becky Bringard, CPC Office Manager (801 278-4619 ext. 3) know if you plan to attend by Thursday September 24th so that we will have enough tables and chairs set up. Suggestions for speakers/programs can be given to either Judy Saurer (801 943-0141) or Eddie Alter (801 268-2157). Those willing to help in setting up tables and chairs and/or providing table decorations should contact Colleen & Eddie Alter or Judy & Dick Saurer.


                                             Railroader, Historian, and Photographer

For almost 50 years and since a very young age, Daniel B. Kuhn has researched and lectured about transportation in the United States and Canada. Daniel’s extensive first-hand knowledge of U.S. and Canadian transportation systems comes from more than four decades of on site research, visiting all 50 states as well as the eight southern Canadian provinces that are adjacent to the USA. This research has combined with an extensive knowledge of general transportation history to give Daniel the rare ability to provide quick and insightful overviews of on-going trends in railroading and the freight transportation arena, and how those trends impact economic activity in the west and across North America.

Daniel is a fifth generation railroader who served in an official capacity with both Amtrak and Southern Pacific. Daniel’s family began railroading in the Midwest in the late 1800's, working for various railroads and on America’s first diesel-powered streamlined passenger train, the 1934 Pioneer Zephyr of the Burlington Route. Since 1999, Daniel has brought needed transportation industry expertise to a variety of infrastructure and transportation projects in Utah.

Having a strong belief that knowledge and experience should be used for the blessing and benefit of others and for the betterment of society, Daniel has been educating audiences about transportation with his knowledge and humor since his first lecture on railroads in April of 1966. This personal commitment to improving transportation education in America has been a key element of his professional activities in both the private and public sector. Daniel’s desire to share his blessings with others has also been a driving force behind Daniel’s years of research and teaching about transportation systems, history and geography.

As a part of his commitment to transportation education, Daniel has served as a special historical narrator aboard passenger and excursion trains of several U.S. and Canadian railroads, as well as on motor coach group tours. These narratives for industry, historical, travel and senior groups are a key part of Daniel’s involvement in improving awareness of transportation’s role in the development and sustaining of modern society.

With more than 600,000 miles of train travel in the United States and Canada, including 314 trips aboard Amtrak’s California Zephyr, Daniel’s railroad experience has combined with his nearly 1,000,000 miles of highway and air travel visiting ports, inland waterways, pipeline, air cargo and trucking operations in both nations. This investment in on-site research provides Daniel with a wealth of information on a variety of transportation, infrastructure, and related economic subjects, with which he advises the State of Utah, the U.S. DOT, and other entities. 

In addition to his field work, more than 60,000 color slides make-up Daniel’s personal photo collection, which illustrate transportation facilities and operations, as well as the geography, geology, water projects and national parks in both countries. Daniel also gives photo “Fireside” presentations as requested about the Temples and history sites of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Born on the Fourth of July, Daniel grew-up in the San Francisco Bay Area where thanks to his parents and grandparents, he was exposed to mainline railroading, commercial aviation, seaports, inland waterway facilities, and the developing Interstate Highway System at an early age.  Daniel’s railroad career took him across the West, and he has lived three different times in the state of Utah. Daniel has also served as an industry advisor to the Utah State Railroad Museum at the Ogden Union Station since 1980, spearheading the acquisition of historic locomotives and rail cars.

Daniel and his wife Teresa live in the Salt Lake City area and are available to share his knowledge and experience on a variety of subjects through Daniel’s ever-expanding selection of photo presentations. Daniel’s presentations are always given at no cost in keeping with the educational focus of this lifetime endeavor. To contact, phone (801) 641-1895 or (801) 541-1018.

Men’s LunchA monthly Men’s Lunch for all men at Cottonwood!!  It will be on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11:30 AM. 


Call Church Office, 801-278-4619, by 10:30 a.m. on the day of the event to let us know you are coming.

Date Place Address
July 15th Chili’s 1070 E Fort Union Blvd.
August 19th Zupas 6550 S 3000 E
Sepember 16th Market Street Grill 2985 E Cottonwood Canyon
October 21st Anna’s 4700 S. 900 E
November 18th Applebee’s 6123 S State St
December 16th Robintino’s 1565 E 3900 S



If anyone is interested in joining the Fellowship Committee (a sub-committee under Member Care) to help in the planning and coordination of different events for the congregation, please let me know. We are always looking for new ideas and helping hands.